Your Satisfaction is My Biggest Reward!  -- Shirley Mei Qing

             Shirley Mei Qing, currently residing in Houston, TX area. She came to US in 2000. With a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering obtained in China, she also holds and master degree in Computer Science from West Virginia University. Prior came to US, Shirley was employed by Philips Global Lighting Department as senior sales and marketing representative. She has also been as a software developer for many years.

Shirley Mei Qing combines excellent communicative, marketing and negotiation skills with an innate ability to provide supreme customer service. This combination allows her to offer superior professional service to her diverse list of clients. Her honesty, tireless pursuit of success and dedication to detail has earned her the respect of clients and the praise of peers, thus generating a high rate of repeat and referral business.

Shirley  joined Keller Williams in  March 2009. She flys with an eagle and grows up with an eagle. With numerous training and continued self-learning, she has successfully closed over 7 millions transactions annually.

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